Chicago ANA, 2014

I spent the last week in Chicago at the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money.  It was a show full of controversy, difficult hunts for coins, but it had its rewards as well.

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ANA Chicago 2013

Got back on Sunday from Chicago, which hosted the ANA’s “World’s Fair of Money”

History was almost made in the exhibiting arena.  A first time exhibitor, Charmy Harker (a/k/a the Penny Lady) won Best First Time Exhibitor, People’s Choice and almost took Best of Show, coming in as the first runner up.  I can assure you that was one excellent exhibit!  (She took a ton of photographs and posted them here.)  Ms. Harker took the class on exhibiting at the ANA summer seminar, taught by Larry Sekulich, who had won a Best of Show and (if I am not mistaken) at least two first runner up awards.

You’ll note that I said he “had won” a Best of Show award.  He won this year as well.  Two years ago, I was the only living multiple Howland Wood (Best of Show) recipient.  Now there are three of us!

On the down side we had a blatant instance of plagiarism as an exhibitor copied the NGC website wholesale for the text to his exhibit.  He did not credit NGC in his bibliography nor, apparently, did he make it clear he was quoting them at length.  He was last heard blaming the fact that he put the coins up on glass above mirrors for his third place (out of one exhibit) finish for his class.

The new board was inaugurated at the Friday night banquet, and there was an open session the next day.  The incoming ANA President, Walter Ostromecki, appointed Halbert Carmichael to be the head of the Exhibits committee, and has moved me over to being one of the assistant treasurers.  I get to handle money!  A coin collector’s dream, no?  Well… I get to sign checks and watch the money leave.  Well hell’s bells, why didn’t anyone tell me this beforehand?

The most significant action at the new BOG meeting was when Governor Sperber claimed the attendance was awful, and then went on to complain about one of my pet peeves:  the gigantic front and center floor space given over to the auction houses, who are selling nothing the general public could afford, and then abandon their tables Friday, leaving a “Mongol Horde Came Through Here” scene of devastation (and I brought that very image up in the meeting myself when they asked for audience commentary).  Now the general public comes in on Saturday (it’s their day off, more than likely) and they see several empty islands first thing through the door.

Jeff Garrett pointed out that there was a “well established” “Stars” system for allocating tables.  In other words, we can’t change it because we’ve always done it this way.  Well, maybe you should un-establish it.  Or at the very least require the auction houses to hold one session Saturday night, so they don’t leave a huge gaping desert at the front of the bourse floor when they skedaddle.

The ANA Election is over!

The election is over!  And I am surprised by a few of the results.

In descending order of number of votes, the winners are Gary Adkins, Scott Rottinghouse, Ralph Ross, Mike Ellis, Greg Lyon, Jeff Swindling, and Laura Sperber.

The losers, again in order of number of votes received, are Tom Mulvaney, William Hyder, Oded Paz, Scott Barman, me, Jeff Wuller, and Richard Jozefiak.

My first time out I basically gave myself one chance in three of winning–I am not that well known outside of exhibiting (if only the exhibiting community could vote, I’d probably have been a shoo-in).   Still I hoped for better than 12th place.  (I have some theories on what I could have done better–lessons learned.)

What’s more interesting though, is that for all the fuss and fury over the entire board needing to be fired because Jeff Shevlin was let go as ANA executive director… not a single one of the four governor incumbents lost.  And the most vocally pro-Shevlin people all lost.  The new governors are Ralph Ross, Jeff Swindling, and Laura Sperber.

This election was a far cry from the Insurrection of 2007 (as I call it) where every incumbent who had opposition lost.  Every single governor was either new, or someone who had last been governor years before.

The only person who did win who plans to try to shake things up (and hard) was Laura Sperber, and if she has a “trademark” cause, it is coin doctoring.  That’s a good one, in my opinion.  (Notice, though, that it’s not a personal politics cause; it’s an issue that affects everyone in their collecting.)

New Orleans and the Candidate Forum

New Orleans ANA is now a part of history.  This big event for me was of course the Candidate Forum for candidates running for the ANA Board of Governors.

Jeff Garret (running unopposed for the Vice President job) and Richard Josefiak (another candidate for governor) were not present, but the other thirteen candidates for governor were all there.   If you want to watch it, it can be found here, all three hours of it.

A couple of things struck me as the forum went on.  One is that there were a couple of candidates who struck me as loose cannon.  Another is that some of the candidates have an axe to grind, in particular with regard to the “firing” of Jeff Shevlin.

As I’ve said in the past we do not know and cannot know and cannot be told everything that went into this decision.  Whether or not it was justified, the ANA would be sued simply for letting the information get out.  The ANA is already being sued for slander because of rumors circulating as to why Larry Sheppard was terminated.

It is entirely possible that the folks defending Jeff Shevlin are completely right and that he was doing a wonderful job and got railroaded.  But they are wrong to assume that this is the case based on their friendship with Mr. Shevlin.  I personally have heard one side of the story (Mr. Shevlin’s), and although it does sound appalling, it would be wrong for me to jump to a conclusion without hearing both sides.  When one serves on the ANA Board, one has to leave one’s prejudices, personal preferences, and preconceptions outside the door.  A lot is at stake in running an organization of this size and we don’t need loose cannon or people with an axe to grind getting onto this board.

(However, let me praise them too:  Unlike so many people who stand on the sidelines and throw darts at the ANA Board, they are willing to get involved.)

I believe we need a board that will try to figure out what has gone wrong with the executive director recruitment process and day to day performance once hired.  I am sure that whatever the answer to these questions is I won’t like it.  I won’t like it because I happen to like just about everyone involved.  Someone will come out of this looking really really bad, and I don’t imagine it will be anyone I could even guess at today, much less my preconceived notion.

On second thought there is a place for someone with an axe to grind on the board.  I do have an axe to grind, myself.  But my axe is the good of the ANA.  I want to do this because I want to leave the ANA a better organization than when I started.  The ANA does a lot for collectors, and the more serious the collector the more it does.  My reward for my service will, if I have anything to say about it, a better ANA.

And In With The New!

Well that was fast!

Instead of a months-long process of searching for a replacement executive director, while someone like Ed Rochette or Ken Hallenbeck serves as Interim Executive director, more than likely with Kim Kiick as the assistant ED, the Board simply hired Kim directly into the job, just like that.  No “interim” this or “assistant” that.  (I suspect they’d already had this in mind as a contingency plan.)  Congratulations, Kim!

Ms. Kiick (pronounced as if it had only one “i”) certainly should know by now what the job entails. She has had some relevant experience already, and of course the headquarters staff already knows her and vice versa.  So in many ways this looks very promising; one can hope that the right person for the job will turn out to have been under our noses all along.  Only time will tell.

I’ve met Kim quite a number of times at ANA shows (and I even bumped into her once in “real life” just from living in the same city), but I can’t really claim to know her all that well, certainly not well enough to personally judge her ability to do the job (and I won’t make the mistake some do of assuming that just because I like someone, they can do the job).  But the current board no doubt knows her very well, and (like I said before) she does have relevant experience.  I am cautiously optimistic.

Here is hoping the third time (fourth? fifth? Was Chris “Buffalo” Cipoletti number 3 or number 4?  I’ve lost count.  And should we also count interim EDs?) is the charm.

I hope Kim succeeds spectacularly.