Capped Bust Dime

I recently purchased this 1811/09 Capped Bust dime for my type set; it lets me check off the open collar subtype for this denomination.  Of course this is not really an ideal type coin (though it is a good coin), it’s much too expensive a date for that.

When I started putting together the set, I made a surprising discovery.  These earlier types (draped bust and capped bust) in many ways reminded my of my time in Russian Imperial numismatics.  And that’s because back then minting was  still bleeding edge technology.  It was difficult to make two coins identical, because of everything from uneven and laminated planchets, to dies that weren’t identical, either because full hubbing wasn’t in use yet or because dies got used even after they cracked or got worn.  That plus the fact that most specimens from nearly two centuries ago are long gone, means no two coins in today’s marketplace are alike, even after you account for condition. I could look at two rubles from the same year and they were very individual, just as I can do with the US coinage from the same time.  It adds to the challenge of the hunt.



2 thoughts on “Capped Bust Dime

  1. Jim Georeno

    Beautiful 1811/9 capped bust dime ! Nice talon/claw detail – I have au but talon/claws flat on my example Outstanding type coin with beautiful patina


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