ANA Chicago 2013

Got back on Sunday from Chicago, which hosted the ANA’s “World’s Fair of Money”

History was almost made in the exhibiting arena.  A first time exhibitor, Charmy Harker (a/k/a the Penny Lady) won Best First Time Exhibitor, People’s Choice and almost took Best of Show, coming in as the first runner up.  I can assure you that was one excellent exhibit!  (She took a ton of photographs and posted them here.)  Ms. Harker took the class on exhibiting at the ANA summer seminar, taught by Larry Sekulich, who had won a Best of Show and (if I am not mistaken) at least two first runner up awards.

You’ll note that I said he “had won” a Best of Show award.  He won this year as well.  Two years ago, I was the only living multiple Howland Wood (Best of Show) recipient.  Now there are three of us!

On the down side we had a blatant instance of plagiarism as an exhibitor copied the NGC website wholesale for the text to his exhibit.  He did not credit NGC in his bibliography nor, apparently, did he make it clear he was quoting them at length.  He was last heard blaming the fact that he put the coins up on glass above mirrors for his third place (out of one exhibit) finish for his class.

The new board was inaugurated at the Friday night banquet, and there was an open session the next day.  The incoming ANA President, Walter Ostromecki, appointed Halbert Carmichael to be the head of the Exhibits committee, and has moved me over to being one of the assistant treasurers.  I get to handle money!  A coin collector’s dream, no?  Well… I get to sign checks and watch the money leave.  Well hell’s bells, why didn’t anyone tell me this beforehand?

The most significant action at the new BOG meeting was when Governor Sperber claimed the attendance was awful, and then went on to complain about one of my pet peeves:  the gigantic front and center floor space given over to the auction houses, who are selling nothing the general public could afford, and then abandon their tables Friday, leaving a “Mongol Horde Came Through Here” scene of devastation (and I brought that very image up in the meeting myself when they asked for audience commentary).  Now the general public comes in on Saturday (it’s their day off, more than likely) and they see several empty islands first thing through the door.

Jeff Garrett pointed out that there was a “well established” “Stars” system for allocating tables.  In other words, we can’t change it because we’ve always done it this way.  Well, maybe you should un-establish it.  Or at the very least require the auction houses to hold one session Saturday night, so they don’t leave a huge gaping desert at the front of the bourse floor when they skedaddle.

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