No Stars!

I went to the ANA World’s Fair Of Money in Chicago, and managed to turn up both of the Seated Liberty No Stars coins, the half dime and the dime.

The dime is definitely controversial.  It has some extremely colorful toning, and will match almost anything.  One person said of it, “I’ll tell you what it isn’t, and that’s MS-61.”  Meaning either it’s artifically toned, or toned after cleaning, or it really belongs in a higher-grade holder.  He wasn’t sure which.  It shows no sign of wear whatsoever, not even some rub that would be “market graded” as Unc.

It was in a badly scuffed up slab.  I walked it over to the NGC table and paid ten bucks to reholder it (and got the “prongs” as a side benefit), plus another five bucks for scratch resistant plastic.  Seems like their non-scratch-resistant plastic is a good advertisement for that service!

Of course once I photograph it, it looks a bit washed out, but:


The reverse appears to be off a fairly late-state die.


The half dime turned up the last day of the show; I had to bug out of the ANA Board of Governors Open Session to meet the dealer as he packed up.  He hadn’t even worked the coin up yet.



So now I get to cross an entire row off my type set, the “Seated Liberty No Stars” row.  And there is only one half dime to go, and that’s the .900 fine Capped Bust…also an 1837!  (A lot happened that year…)

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