My Trip to Europe. Day 1. Saturday, October 4. Colorado Springs to London.

For the next 23 days I’ll be blogging in delayed real time about the trip I took to Europe last month.

What, you might ask, is “delayed real time?”  Basically it means I blog it four weeks after it actually happened.

Here’s the general itinerary:

  • 5th-8th – Turkey
  • 8th-13th – Greece
  • 13th-18th – Sicily
  • 18th-21st – Florence
  • 21st-25nd – Other Italian Mainland
  • 25nd-26th – Iceland

And of course since this is a coin blog, I’ll post pics of coins, sometimes paper money, that has some passing relevance to what I did that day.  It’ll either be something from my collection, or money that’s circulating today.  (Fair warning:  Although I can come up with at least a “neighboring city” connection many days, for large parts of the Sicilian and Florentine phases, all I can really do is show a couple of coins from some Roman emperor, and the only connection is that the emperor used to be in charge of Sicily and Florence.)

Today is the exception.  Four weeks ago today I got on an Air Canada plane in Denver, waited a few hours in Toronto, then hopped an overnight to London (Heathrow).  I took no pictures and got no Canadian money (though I did eat Tim Hortons at the eirport).  I did get a “Canada” refrigerator magnet.  So I haven’t got pictures, nor have I a coin to show today.

The good news is that the overnight from Toronto to London was also Air Canada, and was not crowded, I had an aisle seat, no one was in the center seat, and I actually had just a couple of more inches of legroom,  At my height those two inches you don’t get on an American airline change it from cramped to tolerable.  I was able to sleep; it wasn’t a nightmare like my past trips to Europe were.   (You haven’t lived until you are in the center seat in the middle group of five on a 747 for eight hours!)

Well until tomorrow, when you start seeing pics and coins!

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