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My Trip To Europe. Day 12. Wednesday, October 15. Siracusa

A day of Surprises, in the city of Syracuse (now known as Siracusa).

The Coin of the Day is a denarius of the Emperor Tiberius.

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My Trip To Europe. Day 9. Sunday, October 12. Delphi

A visit to the Oracle (“The Pythian is not in today, we are not accepting queries”).  A leeetle bit more of Athens.

And the Coin of the Day is from Thebes.

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My Trip To Europe. Day 8. Saturday, October 11. Athens.

Finally, the heart of Greece, Athens.  But first a brief detour to pay some thanks.

You’ll also get to see some Athenian Owl coins.  Including some that might be new to you.

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My Trip To Europe. Day 6. Thursday, October 9. Epidaurus and Mycenae

I am now in Greece, using Athens as a home base.  Off to the Peloponnesus to see history, from 1600 BC to the 1800s AD.

Coin of the Day is from Aegina, on an island between Athens and the Peloponnesus.

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My Trip to Europe. Day 5. Wednesday, October 8. Istanbul.

Today I take an abbreviated tour of the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul.  Or Constantinople if you will.  With some Byzantine pieces to serve as Coin of the Day.

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